Interior Furnishings

The furnishing process: the pathway from dreams to reality Furnishing interiors is a complex activity. Transforming an empty room into a living space requires a number of different procedures and professional experts. Our guarantee is: quality, professionalism, and coordination at every stage.

Measurement survey

The first step involves great care and precision. Using cutting-edge measuring instruments, the state-of-the-art of the property is transferred onto paper with meticulous accuracy. During this phase, the designer familiarises himself with the space to be furnished, using his experience and imagination to configure the various rooms and their functions in an appropriate and practical manner. This first step is one of the most sensitive, as it can influence the outcome of the entire process.

Meeting with the client

This is known as the “preparatory stage”: the time when the designer interviews the client very carefully and precisely, to gather as much information as possible about his life-style and needs. This information is essential in order to optimise the arrangement, function and use of the furnishings, and so create a truly customised solution. This phase is also vitally important: the dreams and expectations of the client are key factors in our work.

Outline sketches and materials

The designer combines all the information gathered in the preceding phases to produce a series of sketches and outlines, watercolours and perspective drawings, accompanying these with charts of different colours and materials. In this way, the client can visualise the arrangement of the various components within the space, imagining the way his house will be furnished in the future, and immersing himself in the general atmosphere. He can then decide whether or not this is the right course to follow, or whether certain modifications need to be made.

The draft project

Following the initial planning stage, the time comes to decide upon the exact design for the interior of the house. With the use of computerised tools, the designer can now produce a draft project. The first phase of technical design focuses particularly on the ergonomic and practical aspects of the furnishings and the exact positioning of functional areas and passageways, with the express aim of creating a harmonious atmosphere in the home.

The final design

On the basis of the draft project, we draw up various tables with specific designs and perspective drawings relating to the different tasks involved in realising the overall scheme: demolition and construction work, electrical systems, floors, ceilings, walls, and so on. The final design acts as a golden thread uniting all the different skills involved in the subsequent activities of planning and assembly, enabling every party to have a precise and comprehensive vision of the project from a technical point of view.


This is the phase in which we process every constituent part of the design in a highly specific and detailed way. A system of numbers and letters is used to distinguish every such element, enabling one to understand immediately where it is located within the plan. The design is also accompanied by a special book, in which the various furnishings and components are all carefully described (their dimensions, colours, finishes, codes, possible coverings, etc.) and illustrated by means of photos and technical drawings.


Transporting the furniture from our production site to the client’s home is a very sensitive procedure. We want to ensure the furniture is safe from any possible damage. For this reason, we package every item with enormous care, protecting the more delicate components, before loading them into suitable means of transport such as delivery vehicles or container lorries. Thanks to the scrupulous care we take during this phase, we able to ensure that our products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Mounting and installation

When they arrive at their destination, the furniture components are mounted and the various systems installed. The quality of the final result depends heavily on this phase, so we always entrust the work to specially-trained craftsmen, who have an expert knowledge of the techniques involved in assembling fitted furniture. As a result of the pre-assembly processes at our site, all the individual elements carry a unique identification number. This helps to avoid a needless loss of time when the personnel are at work in the client’s home.

Post-sales service

Our furnishing solutions are made to be seen. Family life and daily use clearly make constant demands on any furniture, with issues such as changes in position, knocks, repeated contact and wear and tear. To assist our clients, we keep a record bank which includes all the details of every single design project: finishes, measurements, fabrics and samples. Even many years after installation, therefore, we are able to provide you with a very prompt replacement or repair service.

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