Our identity

Courage and enthusiasm have enabled us to confront each daily challenge, and to follow a path which is increasingly filled with ambitious projects.



A small workshop which was destined to grow.

Giorgio and Gilberto Martini started producing solid wood furniture in a small carpentry workshop in the lower regions of the province of Verona: an area with a long tradition of furniture-making. Right from the start, the firm gained a reputation for its high-quality materials and expert workmanship.



Production of modular furniture began.

In a search for possible areas of growth the workshop began to produce modular units for living areas and bedrooms. This is a complex market, but rich in opportunities. The decision to specialize in “made-to-measure” furnishings enabled Martini Mobili to become a leader in the world of high-quality classical furniture in just a short space of time.



A growth in production and a growth in quality

In its constant search for new areas of expansion, Martini began to design and produce fitted kitchen units. Over the years, it brought out increasingly sophisticated and beautiful designs, paying close attention to technical innovations, but never compromising on the quality of its materials and workmanship.



A big step forward: the company opens up to the world

A passion for furniture and an interest in the highest quality were inherited by the daughters of the company’s founders. The entry of the second generation into the business led to a giant step forward: Martini began to export their furniture around the world, and the company’s outlook became increasingly international.



Continuing evolution and attention to the client.

The idea of furnishing an entire home became increasingly realistic and tangible. The company constantly evolved and expanded, widening its range of products and organising them into catalogues, in order to meet the needs of its increasingly sophisticated and demanding clients.



An increasingly comprehensive service.

While remaining true to the tailor-made style of its work, Martini Mobili widened its focus and sphere of operations to include the field of residential contracts. This move forward made the company even more flexible, and able to satisfy every furnishing requirement.



Direct relationship with the designer.

Martini opens his first company showroom in Verona, in the prestigious villa Bolla in Cittadella square. The multi-functional space office/showroom sets a better and direct communication with the designer, in a creative and dynamic environment.