Martini Mobili @ Salone del Mobile Milano.Moscow 2018

We will be a leading representative of the outstanding quality that distinguishes Italian design at the Salone del Mobile Milano.Moscow, from 10 to 13 October 2018 at Crocus Expo in Moscow. This event is of fundamental importance in consolidating our international presence, offering a new furnishing concept with a strongly emotional character.
As well as the beauty and allure of the finished product, also showcased will be the planning and design element, focused on the continual pursuit of top quality, and our stand will thus be divided into two exhibition areas.
On show in the first will be Numero 05 of Progetto Essenza – the new kitchen programme with a contemporary approach that takes on board a modern style geared towards luxury design, without neglecting the value of fine craftsmanship. Featured here is an intriguing, contrasting interplay between the black and white of the marble, while shiny steel acts as a counterpoint to the more classic, natural colour of the Eucalyptus, in a composition of incredible alternating materials that brings verve and character to the setting, giving it a designer edge with a distinctive identity. In addition to top-of-the-range hobs, pantries and household appliances, there is also an island to expand your workspace, making this a complete, functional kitchen. 
The second exhibition area will be the Atelier, dedicated to celebrating the raw material that inspires ours creative genius. Visitors will be able to see the huge range of sample materials for themselves, and to admire the unique variety and undisputed quality our company has to offer, with the opportunity to take part in the detailed, painstaking furnishing process that makes each creation a unique experience of bespoke craftsmanship. 
We will be at Crocus Expo, Pav. 08 Stand E20