We furnish the world’s most elegant homes, personalising every project we undertake and using only the highest quality raw materials and the best standards of workmanship.

Choice of materials.

Martini ensures the high standard of all its products by selecting the raw materials it uses on the basis of both quality and technical suitability. Our wood is carefully chosen to ensure the colours and grain match perfectly in every case, and all our planking comes from sustainably managed forests.


Our blockboard and plywood panels are thoroughly tested to guarantee optimal strength and solidity, and are of very superior quality compared to normal chipboard panelling. The panels are all veneered in our workshops, using non-toxic adhesives and carefully ensuring a uniform appearance for every part of the overall design.


Our huge range of equipment enables us to design the inside of your units in a flexible, practical way to suit your particular needs. Indeed, the well-coordinated, organised manner in which we plan your kitchen means that every accessory is within easy reach whenever it is required.


The finishing process consists of carefully covering the wood and veneered panels with a thin coating of varnish. Wood is a living material and water can seep into the fibres and cause warping or swelling if suitable protection is not applied. The finishing process also gives the wood added colour and lustre, and ensures that all the wooden parts are identical in tone.